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I have written them for assistance, but no reply as yet. Nov 23, Just grab the nearest design and modify it to your own needs. Or design your own from a sample book. Nov 23, 1: My bookshelf looks a little different. Oh, wait!

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Your books are all upside down. Because you are in Australia I suppose. I wanted a template which I could copy, duplicate many times, and onto which I would add my favourite recipes. Then, after organizing them on my Mac, I would either print them or send them off to be printed. Nov 23, 4: It consists of a Recipe Name, a photo, a list of ingredients, a list of instructions and some comments. Take a sample recipe, lay it out like a recipe you have seen somewhere and save that as a Template.

As Jamie Oliver points out it is faster to make your own Pizza the way you like it than to order it, with someone making it using dubious ingredients, and then driving it around to your place. Sometimes you just have to not automatically choose the inconvenient "Convenience" option. Does anyone have a recipe page layout? More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search.

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Ask a question. User profile for user: James Lees B. I would like to create either a book, or a number of pages with favourite family recipes. Does anyone have one or can you refer me to a site where I may copy one?

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  4. Thankyou Jim. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. PeterBreis PeterBreis James Lees Find a Word template and open that or try: View answer in context. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: James Lees Try the iWorkCommunity website, various free templates for Pages, the link below should take you to the recipe templates Apologies Peter I just saw you had already suggested iWorkCommunity!

    Download for Word. If need a little more room to fit your recipe, you can remove the watermark image and reduce the page margins. This template is perfect for printing 4x6 recipe cards on regular paper or card stock and the font is easy to read. Printable Blank 4x6 Recipe Cards. To fit most recipes on a 3x5 recipe card , the font must be small. But with this template, it is still readable. Printable Blank 3x5 Recipe Cards.

    In each of the recipe templates above, basic instructions for editing the recipe cards are included on the card. Simply read the instructions and then replace the text with your recipe. After adding your recipe, save the file using a descriptive filename. Store all your recipe card files in the same directory on your computer to make it easy to organize and find them later. Laminating your recipe cards can help protect them against spills and stains as they sit on your counter top.

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    Free Recipe Card Template

    You can use packing tape if you don't have any special laminating paper. To avoid the hassle of laminating , simply print out another copy if your original card gets ruined. Just keep extra blank recipe cards handy. If you've saved your recipes as recommended above, it will be easy to replace them when they get damaged. Whether you are using the PDF files for blank printable recipe cards or the Word recipe template , here are some helpful tips on ways to print your recipe cards.

    One of the cheapest ways to print your recipe cards is to print on regular paper or cheap card stock. The index cards may run you less than a dollar for a package of cards.

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    You can use double-sided tape or glue stick. Or, you can use clear wide packing tape to both attach the recipe to the index card and laminate it at the same time. No messing with printer settings.

    How to Create Index Cards in Word

    Laminating will help protect against spills. If your printer is capable of printing on small index cards, this option is very slick. It's cheap AND you don't have to cut out the recipe cards. Most printers have one of two ways to print a postcard i. Requires a printer that can handle 4x6 or 3x5 card stock. Printer settings may be difficult to get right. My Experience: For the 4x6 recipe cards, I had to change the Printer properties before my printer would let me print on index cards set to Postcard type paper.